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We recently had the pleasure of gathering key figures in the real estate sector through our BAMHUB network for the exceptional meetings in Paris. Focused on the dynamic evolution of the real estate sector, we explored innovative strategies and discussed the latest trends shaping the future of real estate. This meeting was a great opportunity to strengthen our network, share valuable knowledge, and consider future collaborations. We thank all participants Martin DUPLANTIER – European president of AMO - Architecture et Maîtres d'Ouvrage, Christophe Nadal - Co-Founder & CEO of Mimco Capital, Julien Kistler – CEO and Founder of Visuary, Sylvain CHASSAING from BAMHUB - Business Embassy and Pavel Strek from BAMHUB - Business Embassy for this enriching day.

An Inspiring Day at the BAMHUB Embassy in Brussels

In Brussels, our BAMHUB embassy hosted members for a day focused on expanding their professional networks. Set in a green environment, we explored their specific business connection needs together.
The session began with introductions, followed by discussions in small groups for more personalized interaction. These exchanges helped identify each member's aspirations and challenges, thus strengthening our community through meaningful connections.
The feedback collected at this meeting will directly influence our future initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to enriching and expanding the benefits available to our members.
We thank all participants for this enriching day. Stay connected to discover our upcoming actions aimed at transforming professional networking.

Successful Launch Event for Oikos by Polygone at MIPIM, Cannes

At the prestigious MIPIM event in Cannes, Polygone organized an event to introduce its company, Oikos, specializing in modular homes.
The event attracted a multitude of participants, including investors, developers, and key industry players, all eager to explore collaboration and investment opportunities in this promising innovation.
In collaboration with BAMHUB, Polygone used this platform not only to introduce Oikos but also to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones. The event's atmosphere, held in a space carefully selected for its elegance and functionality, fostered enriching exchanges and fruitful discussions.
We are confident that the connections established at this event will catalyze successful business opportunities and contribute to the growth of Oikos in the modular construction sector.
To continue following our progress and future events, connect with us on LinkedIn and visit our website.

Reinventing Professional Networking with BAMHUB to Connect the Future of Business

We are excited to introduce you to BAMHUB, the business embassy where professional networking is reimagined. BAMHUB enhances your network and reputation by connecting entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide in exclusive settings. Founded on the principle of "My friend is your friend," our platform is an international business embassy designed to facilitate high-level networking.
Our strategy is built on three key pillars: the human aspect, digitalization, and premium locations. We connect you with the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our expertise in networking is demonstrated by our ability to forge lasting relationships in a friendly spirit, with passionate entrepreneurs and decision-makers who share our values such as "give to receive."
Join us to expand your professional network.

A Symbol of Connection and Innovation

We are proud to present the BAMHUB logo, designed to embody our values and mission, while symbolizing BAMHUB's vision as a business embassy for professionals worldwide.
Design and Colors
The logo combines clean lines with the letters "B" and "H" from BAMHUB, also offering an interpretation in "BE" for "Business Embassy". This versatility reflects our role as a catalyst in networking and innovation. The colors chosen for the logo, a very dark gray almost black and an elegant gold, evoke sophistication and the premium quality of our services. The contrast between the almost black gray and the gold creates a distinctive and luxurious visual aspect, highlighting the modernity and exclusivity of our brand.
A Symbol, A Promise
This logo is more than just a visual symbol; it represents our commitment to excellence and innovation. It symbolizes our dedication to enriching professional networks through meaningful interactions, supported by a visual identity that communicates strength and stability.
We hope this logo will symbolize for you a future of fruitful collaborations and innovative opportunities. Stay connected to see how we will continue to shape the future of professional networking.


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