Membership process

To become a BAMHUB member, the process begins with an initial assessment of the information you provide.
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The next stage is the interview, during which the candidate company is analyzed in depth: its values, objectives, structure, financial stability and the entrepreneur's ambitions. All this to guarantee the quality of our network.


The final decision rests with a joint committee made up of members of BAMHUB's management team, ensuring an accurate and relevant assessment. Once accepted, the company officially begins its membership of BAMHUB, opening the door to an effective partnership.

BAMHUB Becomes Your Ambassador

BAMHUB facilitates the expansion of your needs in a premium setting, acting as an ambassador for your business. As a member, you benefit from exclusive services to boost your business, included in your no-obligation monthly subscription:

strategic recommendations

When you join, after analyzing and understanding your company's specific needs, we'll provide you with targeted strategic recommendations to maximize your success. This personalized approach is designed to maximize the benefits of your membership.

Support Made to measure

Our members have the opportunity, on request, to receive tailor-made support including personalized services:


As a result of our support, you and your company will evolve towards greater strength and recognition, both in your field of activity and in the professional world in general.


Where "My friend is your friend" comes into its own